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Kromek DVD Authoring

Kromek, based in Sedgefield, County Durham, recently asked us to create a presentation DVD that would be displayed on 42" Plasma screens at their exhibitions & events.

This involved working with some existing film footage, an animation sequence and also turning a PowerPoint Presentation in to widescreen 16:9 video to create a continuous looping DVD presentation.


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Kromek is pioneering digital colour imaging for x-rays and has brought ground-breaking innovation to materials technology and advanced 3D imaging, that will literally change the way in which we see the world.

The Company specialises in making semiconductor materials within the Cadmium Telluride family. These materials have significant applications as detectors of x-rays and gamma rays, notably in medical imaging, security screening, industrial inspection and space exploration, allowing for very precise identification of materials. Cadmium Zinc Telluride is also the material of choice as a substrate for the fabrication of infrared detectors in both civilian and military markets. In addition to its range of semiconductor materials, detector packages and non imaging detection systems Kromek also supplies x-ray imaging packages with multi view capabilities. These x-ray display platforms provide real 3D x-ray imaging for the first time without specialist viewing equipment. When photogrammetric algorithms are applied to these images, three dimensional co-ordinate data is produced.