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Audio & Video Services


With ever increasing internet and broadband speeds, your business should grasp the opportunity and talk to us about what on-line video presentations can do for you.


We supply:

Sales presentation videos - reach out to your target audience with a You Tube digital video.

Product demonstration videos - effective marketing of your products or services.

Meet the team videos - a good way to introduce your company to prospective clients.

Testimonial videos - what better way than to have personal glowing recommendations from your clients.

Location videos - ideal for displaying the inside of a property, hotel or venue.



Sites like You Tube, Yahoo Video and MetaCafe are used by over by 80% of the UK's on-line population. Our Digital Video Marketing service does not have to be expensive. We can create a promotional advert for your site and distribute it across the major video sharing websites.


By utilising the internet businesses can now promote their products and services in the most cost effective way.


Our Digital Video Marketing service does not have to be expensive. We can create a promotional advert for your site and distribute it across the major video sharing websites.


Web video prices start from £250.00 + vat


Corporate Video Production

We provide high quality creative video solutions across a wide range of industries in the private, public, arts and entertainment sectors.


We can undertake most audio visual project requirements, from a short show reel, an advertisement to promote your business, video for your web site, live event coverage, training videos, to a full corporate video production including scripting, actors, shooting, editing and authoring to DVD. We can also deliver your final production in just about any format that you may require.


Production Services:

Script writing

Casting - sourcing actors

Professional Camera Men & Crew - includes all equipment Production Management Editing & Authoring to DVD - or any other format

Graphic Design -  including motion graphics

Sound Recording - sound effects and Foley



Digital Audio Production / Editing / Mastering




Sound Recording Services:

Located in our premises at Broadcasting House, Middlesbrough, we have the facility to record quality voice overs and various other production elements including acoustic and electric instruments. We also provide a mobile recording option which allows us to come to you!


Digital Music Production:

We can write and produce music for any type of situation and have many satisfied clients in this area, from theatre companies to solo artistes. We have an extensive network of musicians that can be utilised when required.


Editing / Mixing:

The production suite consists of both Windows and Mac computers connected to industry leading audio input and output hardware to provide recording sample rates up to 192khz. Our system consists of both dedicated DSP hardware and also a complete range of software plug-ins providing everything that is required for professional music production, editing and mixing.


The main software package we use is the Steinberg Nuendo Media Production Suite. We have worked on this software since the very first release which is over 10 years ago now and are currently running on version 7.



This is the final process before your audio CD or DVD goes to duplication or replication. The reason for the mastering stage, is to achieve the right final output level of all your recorded material and also provide any last minute tweaks to eq and compression so that the listening experience is more consistent from track to track. This is easier said than done and an experienced mastering engineer comes in very handy!


TSM has dedicated mastering hardware (not just software plug-ins) that are tools of the trade and also an acoustically treated listening environment. both of which play a big part in creating good quality master discs.



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