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Film - Thailand Torn Between Worlds

Having recently manufactured a DVD for Paul Everett / Xcyte Media, we thought we would give it a bit of a plug. The Film is now available to purchase on Amazon.

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This documentary film looks closely at the life changing experiences Thailand can provide. Temptation, lust and desire on every corner. For Adam it was just a holiday, a holiday that turns his life upside down, unaware of the physiological dangers that lay ahead of him as adapting back to your old life can be devastating. Watch as Adam's reality becomes entangled with fantasy in which life changing decisions have to be made in which Adam finds himself Torn Between Two Worlds.

Congratulations on your new film and we hope the sales go well

The TSM Team



I found the customer service and products at TSM to be nothing short of perfection.

Thanks for all your help

Paul Everett
Xcyte Media