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Sinclair Training
The Positive Dimension



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We do this by enabling our clients to increase their sales volumes, margins and ultimately profits – through our powerful and innovative Sales Training and Sales Coaching. Businesses of all sizes from SME's – PLC's and in all sectors – can benefit from our proven solutions.

At Sinclair Training we bring a blend of experience and innovation – of research and observation of thousands of sales visits and customer encounters. We have moulded the elements of success into models – which we call Dimensions – these can be measured and repeated to advance the ability to win time after time!

Sinclair Training is now franchising these powerful systems – initially in the UK.

We bring our highly effective and distinctive, non-traditional selling system and sales training methodology to a wide range of salespeople, business owners and management giving them control of the sales process.

Our training is designed to create lasting performance improvement rather than just a quick fix.


TSM Corporate Film Production

Film Title: EDIT

Client: Sinclair Training

Steve Cowie and Brian Campbell from Sinclair Training came to TSM to produce a sales training video called EDIT. Our Team quickly got to work on some ideas. Steve Cowie and script writer James Harris worked together to produce the final script which was then handed over to the production team. Tony Stewart (TSM Producer / Project Manager) and Ian Paine (Cameraman/Director) worked on the technichal side of things including locations, props and organising the actors.

TSM would like to thank everyone who worked hard on this project to deliver it on time, on budget and made it a great success.


Production Shots