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Contemporary Hair Salons

Project specification for the Contemporary Hair Salons chain completed. Initial designs have also been produced.


Sentry Doors UK

Project specification completed for Sentry Doors UK based in Doncaster. Work to start in a few weeks.


Bespoke website application software development has begun for the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC). We are very pleased to be working with this prestigious organisation and look forward to working with Jonathan and the team at NECC. This development project involves building a bespoke component for the Joomla CMS running on version 1.7 - 2.5

The component will be the main hub for the job portal and on-line learner applications for the new government apprenticeships. It will provide access to jobs for apprentices in the North East. The system will also be linked to there internal office software systems for data processing.


One of our clients asked for a cost effective system to track the sales process made by their employees making tele sales calls.

Using the Joomla core we have developed a plugin that allows you to track the current status of the sales process by including: -

1:  Add the full contact details of the prospect/lead
2: Up to date status messages - and previous call/sales history
3:  Auto Reminders of when to call someone back
4: The ability to assign leads to individual members of staff to handle
5: User login filtering - admin assigns clients to staff members, so they only see the clients they are dealing with when logged in.

We can include this plugin in other web development projects at a very competitive price.

We are pleased to working with The Moses Project - Stockton-on-Tees, on their new website development.

The Moses Project provides guidance, mentoring and support to adult males with past and current addictions (drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.) and who may be suffering the consequences of long-term self-abuse.